Tuesday, 18 December 2012

in november, nick and i celebrated ten years together with a trip to icy iceland.

we were initially looking for somewhere warm to go to but failed to find anywhere that we really wanted to go and, importantly, that was cheap enough.  so after a fruitless search, we decided to go in the opposite direction entirely. 

iceland is somewhere i've always wanted to go.  i wanted to climb glaciers, see geysers, swim in hot springs but most importantly, i wanted to see the northern lights.  so off we went.

red on turquoise - my favourite.
blue lagoon.
sólheimajökull glacier.
me and nick with very cold heads at gulfoss.
harpa in reykjavik.
yarnbombing in reykjavik.
strokkur geyser.

pingvellir national park.
icelandic fish & chips.
the northern lights was very touch and go.  we were there for six nights and for the first five nights it was cancelled due to bad weather conditions.  but luckily on the last night we were able to go out and stand on some derelict land outside the city and see the aurora.  we did not, however, manage to get the camera to work, so unfortuately, we have no pictures of our own to show you of that.  after spending a few minutes fretting and panicking over the camera, we decided to give up and just enjoy the scene instead.

it was a wonderful holiday.  we saw, experienced and ate so much.  and it was very odd to be coming back from holiday and for the weather to be better in the uk.  so it made us appreciate the soggy but mild british weather for a couple of days too, which was an added bonus!

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