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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

i am having a very severe bout of itchy feet at the moment.  and yes, i know that  it has been less than a month since my last holiday, but perhaps that is to blame.  and it is such a strong feeling that just swirls around inside and drives me crazy and seems insatiable.  like when you feel peckish for something to eat, but you're just not quite sure what exactly.

everything around me reminds me of another place and makes me want to escape.  i watched fried green tomatoes at the whistlestop café and that made me yearn for the usa and to go to somewhere with a simpler way of life.  maybe sans the cannibal barbecuing.

oh but the most powerful and most persistent of them all is the desire to go - not even to go, but to emigrate - to france.  maybe i have been spending too much time on pinterest, maybe it is because i watched "a good year" about four years ago and something stuck, but i daydream that we live in an old farmhouse with an orchard, and where the sun is always shining.  we have chickens that roam around the courtyard next to our old citroen 2cv.  i have an old baby blue bike with a basket on the front and i ride into the village past fields of lavender and pick up french bread and cheese wrapped in paper and chat with the locals.  and then we sit and take in the sunset with cheese and wine and silence and it is just pure bliss.

or maybe it is just the winter blues.

simple everyday glamour.
chateau de moissac.
motor report.
1st for french property.

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