blog envy.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

i have spent many years collecting a long, long, long reading list of inspiring and beautiful blogs.  and nothing makes me happier than cosying up for the evening with the laptop, a cup of tea and chowder hanging around and nudging me for head rubs.

these blogs never fail to fill me with awe at the beautiful things that people can create with their hands, the beautiful ways they decorate their homes and the way they can make me look at banal, everyday objects with an entirely new perspective. 

but it is a bittersweet relationship, this love affair i have with the blogging world.  as much as i feel inspired, i also feel deflated at the mediocrity of my own blog and my own images.  i am the sort of person who will blame their circumstances: photos are bad because of my naff point-and-shoot, which is a great point-and-shoot and i'm sure would take fantastic images if i fully learnt how to use it, but for now it is a good excuse for the poor photos.  or, another example, i am just too busy with the shop to do anything, which although it does take up a great deal of time, is not an acceptable excuse as i spend my evenings napping and generally wasting time. 

but then on the days that i realise that these are baseless excuses, it leaves me thinking that, well, then the problem must be me.  that maybe i just don't have the eye for it, or the talent to capture it, or both.  maybe i just won't become one of these amazing blogs with a gazillion followers. 

it would certainly be a dream of mine to have a few thousand followers on here or to have my name become regularly uttered amongst the blogging community, but that is not the reason why we do this, is it?  so for now i will be content with having a space to share the things i love, that inspire me, that i make and that i find.  even if it is just for me, then that's fine.  i will one day enjoy looking back over these entries and reminding myself of the wonderful things that once brought me joy.

so i am not defeated.  i vow to try harder.  i am going to learn to properly use my point-and-shoot, and i am going to point-and-shoot the crap out of it.  i am going to make an effort to make my surroundings more inspiring and therefore create more opportunities for beautiful pictures.  and i am going to share these things on here, even if they don't seem up to scratch, because they will be real and they will (hopefully) one day show how far i have come.

enough words.  there have been a lot.  here are some things that have been inspiring me lately (sorry, borrowed images again!):

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  1. Hi Yvonne!

    I found your blog because you followed one of my pinterest boards, and I'm so glad you did. I'm having a nice time looking around your blog.

    Ah, I can relate so much to this post! Jealousy is so bad, isn't it? But it happens and it's natural. Blog envy is no joke. It's so difficult sometimes to visit beautiful blogs that you love because you want your blog to look like that, too. Blogging is so much hard work. I'm still not getting the complete hang of it, but I've found that making little adjustments over time helps. Like, this week focus on design or looking up photo help, etc...

    My biggest problem is not posting consistently. I get so anxious about posting and my post content that I don’t do it! I’m always thinking, is this interesting? I care about this, but will anyone else? But not posting doesn’t help me OR readers. Today I actually made my first editorial calendar, where I wrote what I will post about for the next two months. My goal is to post once a week. I feel a little better planning posts out in advance. It will be an experiment for me.

    But back to the blog envy – you know what I’ve discovered can help? Don’t visit the blogs that you’re envious of, at least not very often. Visiting your favorite blogs should make you feel happy and motivated or inspired. If you’re leaving a blog and feeling negatively about your own blog, it’s time to take a break. I have a few blogs that I really admire and love, but only visit them once a week. This helps me not worry about what they’re doing well and lets me focus on what I CAN be doing.

    And what is this beating up on yourself about photos? Your instagram feed is lovely. Also, you have a beautiful writing voice. Your words are sincere, emotional, and really coming from the heart. Some blogs with the most beautiful design and photos can have no writing or very cold, distant writing, so be proud of your strengths!

    Anyway, I’m glad you shared this post. It’s nice to see someone talking about something I experience, and I know other people do to.