Friday, 22 February 2013

this is my other love: chowder.  no, not the soup, though i do love that too, but my beautiful little netherland dwarf bunny.

she is nearly four years old and has been living and sneakily chewing her way through our home since she was a teeny tiny baby bunny.  these days she knows the score and is better, though she still likes to chew through cables that she deems are in the way, but we in turn have learnt to avoid this.  and corners of furniture.  we're still trying to figure out a way to avoid this.

she has her favourite spots around the house: in front of the fire, on the futon in the spare room (which she has adopted to be her room) and under my feet.  she likes to be near us and is always sat next to one of us, otherwise she is usually having a nap under the radiator in her room.

she has certain routines.  every morning she'll run into the bedroom and check if we're up, which we usually aren't, so she wanders back off to her own room and kills some time before coming back periodically to check again.  eventually she loses her patience and just climbs on the bed and stamps her feet and licks our faces until we give in.  every evening she knows it's pellet time so she sits outside the bathroom until i emerge and then she follows and circles excitedly until she gets her yummy pellets.

can you tell i'm totally in love with her?  a little too much, i acknowledge that.  but she makes me so happy and how can i not love something that does that?
she is a greedy little thing and spends many a fun hour eating up
all the bits at the bottom of the cabbage bag.
she is always always curious.
she used to nap on us when she was a baby, but not anymore, which makes me sad.

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