little time wasters.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

little time wasters is a talented friend of mine, whom i very randomly met on etsy one day.  i was on one of the silly games threads in the forum, i can't remember exactly what game but it involved going into the shop of the last person who posted, so off i went and it turned out to be anne-marie of little time wasters, and i was surprised and happy to find out that she was based in sheffield and made miniature fimo food jewellery - exactly the thing i had been wanting to find to stock in jam jar beads.  

so i got in touch and she has been stocking jam jar beads ever since.  and we remain friends happily ever after. 

anyway.  she is amazingly talented and makes the most incredibly detailed and intricate miniature food.  it was always really popular in the shop and always got so many comments and admiration.

she is on etsy and folksy if you're interested in purchasing.

here is some of her work:

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