Saturday, 2 March 2013

i seem to always have my mind on my ideal workspace and i am even dreaming about it on a regular basis.  in one dream, danny devito was the landlord and he gave me a very good offer on a beautiful studio with two walls made entirely of glass.  of course, as it was dream land, he also had a studio full of old vintage treasures that he no longer wanted. 

then the alarm went off and it was dark and wet outside and i had to go to work.  so that was nice.

i have a real obsession with seeing where creative people work.  i guess i like to see what inspires them and what surrounds them while they're creating.  i find their spaces so inspiring just to look at, and it makes me want to create a space for myself that evokes that kind of feeling in others, and myself too of course.  so you may see more posts about workspaces and studios.

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ah, where are you my danny devito?

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  1. I can spend all day looking at other people's work spaces, too. I especially love looking at other artist's studios and writer's desks. Right now I don't have my own studio space and it sucks. My sister and I share a small workspace, and we are both creative people who are very unorganized. Needless to say, it's messy and uncomfortable, sometimes even frustrating to work in. But I try my best to make do with what I've got at the moment.