Tuesday, 30 April 2013

after nearly ten years of togetherness, nick and i finally tied the knot last summer in what was one of the most stressful but wonderful days i've ever had.  i was foolish, and control-freak-ish, enough to try and make absolutely everything myself and even contemplated catering it myself too.  huge thanks to whoever talked me out of that one.

things were imperfect and down to the wire, and i was so stressed that i had some strange, and ugly, reaction which manifested itself as a massively swollen and watery right eye.  but i went and got ready and the eye settled back down and once i had done all the bits where people are quiet and looking at me (i hate being the centre of attention!), i had such a great time.

it was so lovely to have so many friends and family together and having fun.  i'm not one to make a fuss about myself - i don't really celebrate birthdays and didn't have a hen do (though that is a different story entirely) - but what made me happiest was to see all these people that i love, and many that i had not seen for years, gathered together and and smiling and laughing and just enjoying themselves.

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