happy international rabbit day.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

today is international rabbit day, a much celebrated event in our house.  (so much so i got the date wrong on instagram!).  this year is a little bittersweet as it may well be the last one we celebrate with chowder bums.  a couple of months ago i discovered a couple of abscesses under her chin that are, unfrotunately, inoperable.  or at least not without causing her a great deal of distress.  so, we are keeping a close eye on her and getting her regular check ups.  for now she is her normal chipper self - enjoying life and food and our company.  but when she starts to look like she's not, we will have to take a very difficult step.  so we are just enjoying our time together, she is getting lots of pampering and hugs and we're making lots of memories.

apologies for those of you out there that maybe don't understand this.  my own family are not very animal friendly and my mother just cannot understand why or how i can love or be so attached to "just a rabbit".  in truth, i was probably one of these people before i got chowder myself.  but this lovely little innocent thing has come in and torn up my house and caused lots of damage to carpet, cables and furniture, not to mention the endless number of socks and pants that now sport holes and bitemarks.  but she is still something i have cared for and nurtured her everyday for the last four years and every morning she jumps on the bed and climbs on me until i wake up and every evening she runs to greet me when i return from work.  and i am really going to miss her so much.

anyway.  enough of that.  here are some cute bunnies.

me and my chowder bums.
daily bunny.

strawberry fish.
daily bunny.
chowder asleep on her bean bag.

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