Wednesday, 30 October 2013

for anyone, like me, who has worked in an office, particularly an nhs office, will have met the wonderful bisley drawers.  in the office they are just part of the furniture, blending in to the background, unappreciated but reliably sorting paper and other office paraphernalia.

on a recent trip to john lewis, i spotted a few of these beautiful bisleys in bright colours out of the corner of my eye just as i began the descent on the escalator.  without wanting to cause a scene by turning around and running back up the escalator, i pledged to come home and do some research instead. 

imagine my delight when i stumbled upon a world of cabinets and drawers and lockers, all in pretty colours waiting to help organise my life into neat stacked drawers.  i think i may be writing to santa about this.

these two from john lewis.

these three from bisley direct.

these two from paperstone.

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