time for knitting.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

as it is snuggle in front of the fire and watch tv time, so it is time for knitting. i'm a bit of a sporadic knitter, picking it up from time to time when i remember.  but i have been browsing all the wonderful knitting inspiration out there and feeling a renewed motivation to pick up the needles again.  i think maybe i am a bit ambitious too and choose projects that require a lot of focus and concentration for large amounts of time, none of which i can do, and so i lose interest before long.  and with socks you cast off and think you've finished only to have to do it all over again!

but i can't bring myself to take the wip off the needles, promising that i will finish them one day.  so i end up buying more needles to start yet more projects on.

is anyone else like that or is it just me?  i did manage to knit a scarf for nick in two weeks.  mainly because he said i wouldn't finish it in time for this winter so i decided to prove him wrong.  

falling stitches on ravelry.
veera valimaki on ravelry.

coffee bean on ravelry.
crazy jane knits.


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