Saturday, 28 December 2013

i adore floorboards, proper ones with gaps in betwen that you lose credit cards and coins in.  we recently had some new carpet fitted in our home and were delighted to find some really nice floorboards under some rather dodgy looking fibreboard.  we're both lovers of carpet.  mainly because it's cold up north and, as nick likes to quote as frequently as possible, "winter is coming".  we also have little chowder to think of, who in her pampered life has developed an aversion to hard floors.  so we pledged out loud that maybe one day when kids are grown and spend more time on furniture than floor, we would look again at the flooring situation.  but for now, i have found some lovely examples of beautiful real floorboards:

house of turquoise.

a house like this.

hemma hos oss.

inspirations deco.
looks like white.
mechant design.
style files.

indigo crossing.

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