happy birthday blog.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

happy first birthday blog!  you're still a young one and i have neglected you a lot so you have not grown much, but that's ok.  as i've said before, it's not really for anyone else but me that i write on here. good job too, because a recap on the past year reveals:

+  i wrote 52 blog posts (which is an average of 4 posts per month, so that's not too bad i guess)
+  i have had 4429 views (many of which were probably me when i was fiddling with coding)
+  i have 2 whole followers (both of whom know me)

whoop whoop.  still, i'm pleased with my little blog.  onwards and upwards.

and here is a picture of a cake i found and liked.  i was going to make one.  but i didn't.  the end.

nine cakes.

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