winter delights.

Friday, 20 December 2013

i'm not much of a winter person, nor am i much of a summer person.  i think maybe i'm more of a spring and autumn person.  i'm not too good with extremes of weather.  although, having said that, we don't tend to have extremes of weather here in the uk.  it's usually just kind of mild and soggy throughout the year.

but there are the odd things about every season that i love and look forward to, and these are the ones for winter.

jack frost leaving his mark.
boho santa fe trail.

mashed potatoes on everything!
sweet paul.
keeping tootsies warm by the fire.
a beautiful mess.
the still and quiet of snow days.
southern harvest moon.

over-indulging in hot drinks.
always with butter.
silenty treading around the house in thick wooly socks.
postscript love on flickr.

staying in where it's toasty while outside it blizzards.
jace cooke on flickr.

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