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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

happy new year!  i hope you have enjoyed the holidays and are looking forward to a new start. how do you feel looking back on 2013? for me it has been a tempestuous year, but i end it feeling very content and happy and with high hopes for the future. at the time, closing the shop after the sudden and unexpected departure of my business partner left me feeling really angry and bitter, but i have chosen not to dwell on that particular episode of the year and instead look at the things that it has allowed me to do.  

after closing the shop i decided to take on temp work for a few months and not even think about the shop or craft or self employment. i just wanted a break from all of that and i wanted a job where i could come home and not have to think about it. for so long the shop had drained me of any energy by forcing me to think and worry about it constantly. so i now work with two really great ladies, with whom i get along with so well, and i have so missed the camaraderie of work colleagues.  i have a regular income, paid holidays, opportunity for overtime, the flexibility that comes with working on a temp basis. these may seem like small things, but once you've been self-employed for so long, you realise how much you take them for granted. and i don't have to worry about pay and time off for maternity as it's all covered. so, you see, we can complain that rose bushes have thorns or we can rejoice that thorn bushes have roses.

last year, i decided not to make a list of resolutions, but instead a list of quotes by which i would try to live.  this year, i am going to do the same.  but rather than these replacing last year's quotes, these will be added to them.  so, to recap, last year i was going to live my life by these words:
    +  love life
    +  love yourself more
    +  keep going, you are getting there
    +  rejoice because thorn bushes have roses (i think i actually successfully managed this one - yay!)
    +  don't be so hard on yourself
    +  carpe that f-ing diem
      and for 2014, we have:

      wildflower wind.

      huffington post.

      ann shen.

      be happy.

      emily mcdowell.

      imkellycummings on society 6.
      kensie kate.


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