Monday, 3 February 2014

i have really missed all the forbidden foods during pregnancy.  i always knew it was going to be difficult for me being the foodie that i am.  the midwife might as well have handed me my weekly shopping list when she gave me the leaflet on foods to avoid.  christmas was especially upsetting.

i have already started to dream about the wonderful foods that will no doubt stock up the fridge once little one arrives.  nick's brother has already been instructed to bring a sushi takeaway and a wedge of brie with him when he comes to the hospital to see his nephew for the first time.  man, i am looking forward to that one.

lots of mould ripened, unpasteurised cheeses.
brown dress with white dots.
lots of raw fish.
happy cloud moments.
lots of deli meats.
lots of runny eggs & soldiers.
lots of paté.
carina forum.
lots of alcohol.
brown eyed baker.
lots of caffeine.
the glitter guide.
fyi: writing this post was painful.

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