Sunday, 9 February 2014

i love upcycling.  it makes me happy.  i'm a hater of waste of all kinds, evidenced by my hoarding and the way i push through the pain barrier at meals, as the parents say "there are children starving in africa!".  i just hate the idea of things going to landfill or incinerators when they could be used for something else.  and what's wrong with not filling the land with waste?  there is only a finite amount of room on this planet and filling it with garbage doesn't seem like a very good use of it.

i started work on an upcycling business earlier this year.  i had meetings with people about funding and met with the company that deals with the waste from the landfill sites in sheffield with a view to having access to the sorting plants to take my pick of what i thought i could use.  it is still something i am passionate about and would love to do and maybe it will be something that i incorporate into yvonne & co in time.  until then, i suppose i will just continue to fill every corner of our home with seemingly useless junk.  to the untrained eye at least.

i love looking around the internet for the clever ideas that people have come up with for giving new purpose to things that have outlived their initial uses.  i get so inspired and it makes me want to go out and find lots of rubbish to upcycle.  captain planet would have been so proud.

4th ave gardens.

a cultivated nest.

after dinner design.

apartment therapy.

better homes & gardens.
from danny seo's upcycling book.

garden webs.

urban retro.

what's popular.

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