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Saturday, 15 March 2014

i love books.  proper books.  none of this digital e-book rubbish. i love the feel and smell of books. i love flicking through pages and getting ready to turn to the next page. i love the sound of pages turning or of closing the book when i am done.  i love being able to see how far i have got to go or how much i've read in one sitting.

but i absolutely adore the way books look all lined up on shelves, all the different colours, sizes and covers. i keep all my books after i've read them, with an aim to eventually have a wall, or even several walls, full of books. thus far i have only managed to fill a tall bookcase so i have a while to go. but already it makes me happy to look at it and let my eyes consider all the different titles and remind myself where i was when i bought or read them, what i liked or didn't like about it, what was happening in my life at the same time as i read it.

so you see, a book to me is more than just a story, it is a marker of life and a souvenir from a certain time, and i keep and treat them as such.
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