secret garden.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

we have been in our little humble abode for two and a half years now and the garden is in great need of some love and attention.  when we first moved in it was completely overgrown (we're talking waist high weeds) and harboured a great deal of random household objects (rusty mattress springs anyone?).

now that we are approaching spring, i am seeing lots of beautiful images of gardens all over the internet and feeling inspired again.  this year, the new baby might be a slight hindrance on the old productivity, but hey, i can still admire these and imagine that one day, some day, this secret imaginary garden in my head may actually become a reality.

konfetti on tumblr.
growing with suttons.
skipscales on flickr.

these two from clive nichols on flickr.
vintage home.
four seasons garden.
tiny white daisies.

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