colour like no other.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

do you remember this advert for sony?  it's from a few years ago now.

i look it up every so often because it makes me happy.  i think the whole concept is so wonderful, all this colour on a background that is probably taken for granted and not really seen.  it also features one of my favourite singers, josé gonzález, who makes some really beautiful music that, i find, really comforting and uplifting.

anyway, i recently came across this "making of" video.  i had always assumed it was computer generated because i couldn't really fathom how they would make it in real life.  now that i've discovered that it was done for real and not for fake, it makes it seem all the more magical.

the noises from the bouncy balls in the making of video aren't quite as soothing as the josé gonzález music though.  and it looked like total chaos.  the clear up must have been a nightmare, but i like to imagine all the happy children who were finding bouncy balls around their city for months afterwards.

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