a new lifetime.

Friday, 23 May 2014

so it has been a while since i last posted and even more of a while since we welcomed our son into the world.  baby cole was born in mid-march, and so began a new lifetime for all three of us.  hard to believe nearly ten weeks have already passed since that day.  the three of us are getting to know each other and have settled into some sort of pattern now but life is so very different. 

i must admit, in the first few weeks i mourned my old life.  not that i was a party animal or anything but i did enjoy my solid eight hours of sleep each night, my lie-ins, my lazy sunday mornings and afternoon naps... hmm, note how all of those are sleep related.  oh yes, i am missing my sleep.  but to be fair to lil cole, he was doing six hours by seven weeks and i am told that is pretty good.  i'm still getting about nine hours a night but it is now broken up into chunks so on the whole, it isn't so bad.

we spend the days together now that nick has gone back to work.  he doesn't sleep a whole lot in the days so we spend much time sat watching cookery shows together. i tell him about what's happening and he babbles back.  it's nice and i am enjoying and savouring this precious time.

i like to look back at the photos of him since his arrival and it is so hard to believe how fast he is growing and developing and how different he looks from day one.  every little thing he does i feel like i have to document and sear into my mind in case i forget it.  it feels like it's all happening so quickly and in the blink of an eye he'll be getting married and having kids of his own.  but then, at the same time, i so look forward to and count down to milestones like weaning and laughing and talking but i am so aware that i'm wishing time away. it's a strange conflict which i'm told is quite normal. but oh this guy...

i can't help but laugh at his sad face before he starts crying.

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