Thursday, 12 June 2014

the thing about having a new baby is that while doing overnight feeds i get to keep myself up to date on lots of beautiful and inspiring things on various social media platforms such as instagram, twitter, pinterest, blogs, facebook.  and it really gets the determination and creative juices flowing, but i just cannot help but compare myself to these people - what am i doing wrong? how can i improve? why can't i achieve that too? and it does ruin things a little. as roosevelt said:

how very true.

i've always been quite hard on myself.  i've never been one to look back at my achievements and give myself credit or a pat on the back for a job well done.  i always see where i failed instead, and what i didn't manage to achieve.  and then i'll look to the future and pledge to myself that i will do better and set myself these really lofty unattainable goals that invariably i do not achieve and it all starts again.  and whilst i am aware of this, i still said to myself at 3.58 this morning that i was going to kick my ass into gear and get with the social media-ing and general improving.  apparently oblivious to the fact that i have a new baby to look after, which will no doubt be something of a hindrance.

but here we are anyway.  and here i am pledging once again with renewed determination and vigour that i will make a real effort to push this blog and write more regular posts with more personal posts, which requires me to also make more of an effort to take more photos of life everyday.  i will make more effort to promote the crafterie and also get on with getting the new general store up and running (more on that one soon...) and just generally make more of an effort.

is anyone else out there just like this? do you struggle with comparison too?  or maybe you have some tips or words of wisdom on how to beat it?

must buy this print.
emily mcdowell.

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