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Sunday, 13 July 2014

one of the main reasons we bought our house was the large-ish garden, although it was in dire need of some attention. unfortunately, it hasn't got much of that from us, especially since little cole came along.  we have done a lot but then we leave it over the winter and by the spring it's like we've taken one step forward and three steps back.

now that the weathr is improving, i look at our space and wish that we had somewhere to sit and enjoy lunch or dinner on a sunny day with a nice view too, of flowers and lawn and not brambles and weeds.  these days i find that i try not to look at it if i'm wanting to relax as it just makes me start logging a mental to do list of the endless tasks that will need doing in order to make it resemble a garden and not a jungle of weeds.

i have so many ideas i want to do for our little space but so much of it requires a lot of groundwork first, as in pneumatic drills and diggers, so we have a way to go yet.  one day i will have my little al fresco dining area.  i even know where it would go in the garden, but as it is but a dream for the moment, i will spend my time looking for ideas and inspiration instead.

sandy koepke.

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