at 18 weeks.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

a little update on the little man and the impact on our lives.  he is now the ripe old age of 18 weeks. every week, i look at him and think "this time ... weeks ago, i was getting ready to meet you" and it seems so crazy that he hasn't been around longer.  it certainly feels like he's always been here.

my little chubby bebe is coming along and we are getting much more settled into our new routine.  he has been sleeping nine hour stretches with the odd hiccup here and there so sleep deprivation has not been so bad.  but productivity has pretty much been wiped out.  i try to do things while he's sleeping but there is such a huge list of things that need doing now that things like blogging and pinterest, unfortunately, fall behind things like eating and showering.

apparently this is "the golden age of babyhood" where i am receiving lots of smiles, which melt my heart, and he also stays where i put him.  and i am enjoying it.  i am savouring every moment.  he seems to be growing up so quickly and i feel a little anxious when i think about how fast it is all passing by.  so i am drinking it all up and spending a lot of time studying his tiny toes and fingers, the cute chubby creases in his arms and thighs, the way he grips my shoulder when i hold him, his funny toothless grin.  there's so much to try and memorise and so little space since baby brain set in.

i am still finding lots of inspiration and have so many ideas to make, to blog about, to cook, to bake and lots of plans to get the yvonne&co general store up and running.  yes folks, she is going to attempt to open yet another shop after just admitting that eating and showering is only just being fitted into the daily routine.  but what is life if not to be lived eh?!  i'm not the sort who can be without a project to work on and i'm not going to let cole-bear stop me from doing things i have always wanted to do.  things might take a bit longer and progress a bit slower but as long as they move, then that is good enough for me.  

more news on that later, but for now, here are some new pics of my gorgeous boy.

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