lobster & swan.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

a beautiful blog from jeska from east sussex.  she has a really wonderful eye for the beautiful arrangement of simple things such that they create something breathtaking.  a very difficult skill to master.  her blog was picked as one of the top 50 world's best design blogs by the times online.

like katie's pencil box, lobster & swan is another blog that does not particularly adhere to any objective or project, it is just stunning images from jeska's everyday.  her home features frequently on the blog and is an absolutely dream.  i love that nothing is ever the same for too long and she regularly moves things around to create new displays.  she also takes some really stunning pictures of food and has one of the best crockery collections i've ever seen outside of anthropologie.  

go and have a look at her blog here.  be prepared for some serious blog envy.

here are some of my favourite images from her blog and instagram:

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