hello naomi.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

naomi is a former robot programming computer engineer who left that all behind to bake some of the most beautiful and cutest cakes and open up a lovely little cafĂ© bakery place in newcastle.  alas, not our newcastle, but the newcastle in new south wales, australia.  another one to add to the list of far away places to visit then.

her flowers are so realistic and stunning.  i don't know how she can bear to hand those over to be eaten after spending who knows how long in making them to such painstaking detail.  her cakes really inspire me to try my hand at baking and sugarcraft, butattempts in the past have never turned out all that well.  i did make shortbread once which was pretty good.  it was mainly butter and sugar with a bit of flour, hard not to taste good!

definitely worth a visit if you are in the neighbourhood.
find it at 175 king street.

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