Saturday, 8 November 2014

wow.  it's been a while.  that can partly be blamed on the little un, but i've also been thinking a lot these past couple of months.  being at home all day with my little man gives me lots of time to ponder the details. 

we are lucky enough to be in a position that i don't need to go back to work.  things will probably be tight and we will constantly have to re-evaluate things, but for now, the plan is for me to stay at home with cole and run my little business.  the crafterie has been going from strength to strength although i have to be careful that it's not just the build up to christmas.  work on the new shop is also under way, albeit slowly, and with it comes this oh so familiar urge to reboot.  i like starting afresh so i was thinking about abandoning this blog and starting a new one over at the new shop.  those of you that know me will know that i have had a number of blogs in the past, each suffering this very fate.  no specifics on what kind of number, of course.

but i've decided to keep this space and keep nurturing it.  after all, it's a place for me to collect things i find and like and all for posterity's sake really.  the shop might have its own blog one day, but that will be about the shop.  

anyway, enough about all that.  what have you been up to in the past two-something months?  things here are very hectic.  cole has began crawling and taking much joy in emptying the dvd cupboard each morning as a matter of course.  i can often be found staring in awe at him and just how big he's getting.  it really is the blink of an eye.  so, i spend a lot of my days sitting with him and playing with toys together, watching peppa pig and just letting him climb all over me and having a cuddle whenever possible.  i know that the time when i look back and miss all these things will be here sooner than i'd like.  

here are some pics of life lately (all baby related i'm afraid):

the best winter hats.

(excuse the dodgy carpet.)

bow tie buddies.

slingy bus adventures.

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