baby feet.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

as a general rule, i hate feet.  big people's feet that is, but baby feet, on the other hand, may just be my favouritest thing in the whole world.  i'm always sad when we have to put socks on cole or put him in those sleepsuits with the feet covered up.  i always have a good look at them and a bit of a cheeky bite before putting them away.  he likes it, i think it tickles. 

i can't imagine, nor do i want to, a day when i won't find these adorable because they've become mangled adult feet.  the thought of it makes me sad.

looks like he's fascinated with them himself.
the penultimate pic was taken when he was just a few days old.  it's hard for me to remember him being that small.  and at every stage, i look at him and think to myself 'remember this age and everything that comes with it' but i don't.  it's the weirdest thing.  i can't envisage what he as a one year old looks like or will be doing, but i also can't remember what he as a one month old looked like or was doing.  i can only see the here and now.  and that makes me kind of sad too.  it's so true what they say: you really have to cherish every moment.

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