happy birthday again blog.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

after a rocky summer with thoughts of escapism, i stuck it out and we have made it to birthday no two.  well done us!  this year has been a little less about blogging and a little more about baby-rearing so i can't be overly harsh on myself for this year's non-growth.  i'm still brimming with ideas and optimism on where things are headed and i'm feeling really inspired and eager to get on with things.  it's a nice place to be.

so, at blog's second birthday

+  i have written 91 posts, not including this one.
+ i have had 8,818 views.  again, most were probably me.
+ i still only have 2 followers.  on here anyway, but a lovely story here.  after last year's happy birthday blog post, a lovely lady named jo got in touch to say that she was follower number three and had some really nice encouraging words about my blog and my fears of motherhood.  it really made my day and her words continue to encourage me.  she's there on instagram and pinterest and that always makes me smile too.  so thank you jo, if you're reading this!

i was again going to make some sort of celebratory sweet thing, but again didn't.  using the baby as an excuse.  maybe for blog birthday number three.

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