may your days be merry and bright.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

i hope everyone had a lovely christmas with lots of food and love.  we had a really nice day here and cole was both confused and happy to be surrounded by so many people, food and boxes and wrapping paper.

christmas day was at our house, along with nick's family and my family.  ten of us in total to dote on the little one.  we enjoyed a very yummy christmas dinner and then all squished into the living room and watched cole play with his new toys.  one toy was a big paddling pool which was immediately blown up and served as excellent seating for three of us as we watched christmas tv as well as keeping cole and his mess contained!

boxing day was spent at my mum's while snow silently fell outside.  we were meant to go to a friend's housewarming, but when we opened the door and saw the snow, we decided to go straight home instead.  an hour and about two miles later we decided to turn back and travel for another hour back the way we came.  excellent waste of time and petrol.  we ended up sleeping at my mum's together with 17 family members.  luckily we bagged a room of our own whilst others slept where they could.  we had a few in sleeping bags in the hall and landing.  we had a baby after all.  

the following day we braved it to town and did some sale shopping and then out for a meal to celebrate uncle jamie's birthday.  

so it has been a busy festive period for us and our bubba.  today we are relaxing at home and making some way into tackling the massive amounts of leftovers!  cole is having fun exploring his new toys and we are all in our pyjamas. 

i hope you had a lovely time too and you didn't get too badly affected by the white boxing day!  what plans have you for new year's eve?  we will probably have a quiet one and i reckon i'll be in bed long before midnight.  in the last few years i lost the energy to be able to do all the drinking and partying, so having a baby has given me a good and credible excuse to not have to do it anymore - ha ha!  all the same, i do wish you a very happy new year and that 2015 be a good one for you. 

he tried to sample the baileys before the grown ups

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