the yorkshire wildlife park.

Monday, 22 December 2014

last week we paid a visit to the yorkshire wildlife park to meet the lions and tigers and (polar) bears, oh my. it was a bit nippy, but we lucked out with a beautiful, dry and bright sunny day.  i had the kiddie in the sling anyway so he was nice and cosy and toasty.

it's a great place for taking the kids for a nice day out.  we finished the day with a run around (or a crawl around for cole) the indoor kiddie soft play centre so he had a very exciting day indeed.  a friend of mine once said that she believed that babies dreamed about how they spent their days.  i hope he had sweet dreams that night.

he found the ducks' quacking very funny.
we saw loads of these agoutis, like a cross between a deer and a rabbit.
saw these critters chilling out in the idea what the one on the right is though?
there's a polar bear in there somewhere.
me and cole in our matching hats.
he liked watching the lemurs.

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