nick gets even older.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

it was nick's birthday this week.  for one month we are the same age so when his birthday comes along, i take great pleasure in telling him he's old.  then when my birthday comes along, he likes to tell me that i'm also old. 

this was his first birthday as a daddy, so i decided to do him a mini kiddie cake so he doesn't feel too old.  then we went to weston park museum in sheffield, which is a fantastic museum which is aimed at a younger audience (sticking with the kiddie theme).  it is a great interactive museum with lots for kids to touch and feel and costumes for them to dress up in.  obviously, cole was a bit young for a lot of the activities, but he still had a great time crawling around and touching stuff.

the museum has a strong focus on sheffield and its history and natural resources.  it is a great way to make our kids proud of our city and also to appreciate it and explore it in ways that make them see more than just a boring city.  it's a really amazing space and we are so lucky to have it.  i think it will definitely be one of our favourite places to visit as cole grows up.

they have an exhibit about sheffield and the first world war at the moment, which is really interesting and highlights how sheffield contributed to britain's efforts in terms of people as well as the munitions production that the steel city is famed for.

do you remember when you went on school trips to museums and places and the best bit was the gift shop at the end?  i always bought a pencil and a rubber.  well, to keep the tradition alive, at the end we let cole go to the gift shop and choose himself a gift.  he chose a bright multi-coloured intertwined ball which he has carried around with him everywhere ever since.  

nick took great joy in educating him on transformers and thunderbirds.
he is going through a phase of exploring nostrils. and his first ever museum gift shop toy!
people and bus watching.

and this mama also managed to bake a cake during morning nap!  i really liked it plain on the top, but as nick is a big child, a cake for him just wouldn't be right without some sort of cartoon or video-games character atop it.  so, we added a gunter the penguin.

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