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Friday, 16 January 2015

yvonne & co is now available to like on facebook.  come to the page here and like us for updates, special offers, events and other general nonsense.  please come along and show some love.  it would be much appreciated and make me smile lots!

in other exciting blog-related news, i have some bloggy business cards too!  they are from moo, who i think make really great quality cards for a reasonable price.  i am not entirely sure i really needed these cards as things are still so small here, but i wanted something to hand over to people when i asked them to take pictures to put on my blog.  it's better than me waffling on about this and trying to big it up but also acknowledge the insignificance of it at the same time.  i always end up going on longer than i should and sounding a little bit odd so a card is probably a safer and quicker way to explain.

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