petal volcano.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

following on from my post about the "colour like no other" post i did way back in april, i am loving yet another one of sony's colourful adverts. this time it's the petal volcano one.  though i am not entirely sure what it advertises.  i guess a sony 4k.  whatever that is.  something colourful i think.

once again, the advert makes me happy by blending together flowers and colour - two of my favourites.  and again, beautiful haunting tune in the background.  the music is a track called "berlin" by ry x.  i can't say i know a lot of his stuff, but i had a mooch around his website and am so far enjoying what i've heard.  very mellow and calming stuff which sounds like it's probably good for the soul.

this is the advert itself:

and here is a making of video.  i'm always fascinated by these, especially if they're actually real and not computer generated.  i love the idea of millions of petals actually being thrown down hills and through the streets and raining back down and covering everything in sight.  it's like there was a wedding and the world was invited and everyone brought confetti.  and that idea makes me smile.  i think there should be an annual event like this, maybe synced worldwide. and, of course, it should be a bank holiday.

here's the making of video:

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