mismatched bed linen.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

here's a truly first world problem for you.  to match or not to match your bed linen.  not even one day after i changed the sheets, cole decided to throw up all over one of the pillows.  naturally, i was pretty annoyed, especially as i find changing the duvet covers to be quite a feat and mission and always have to psych myself up before doing it.  well, i wasn't about to change the entire lot so i went ahead and had an odd pillowcase that didn't match the rest of the bed.  then it struck me that i have seen lots of lovely bedroom pictures on pinterest and instagram where the bed linen was completely mismatched.  in general, my life is quite mismatched because, quite frankly, it takes less effort that way.  but the sheets were always something that i was quite adamant about matching.  now i can't really think why.  so i'm going to embrace the mismatched bed look.  argh! anarchy!!

which camp are you in?

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