time and chowder.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

wow, where have the last two months gone??  cole-bear had his birthday in march and it seems like life and time just totally got away from me since then.  looking back, i can't really say that i've done much of substance neither, which is disappointing.  ah well, i'm sure it was spent making memories.

so, for cole's birthday, we headed to center parcs for a week of r+r.  much needed too, by the way.  it was lovely.  i've never been before and i did find it a bit surreal, like living on a commune or something.  still, it was really nice and i can't wait to go back again.  

then just before easter, my beautiful little bunny buddy, chowder, went to bunny heaven.  though it wasn't a complete shock as i knew she was getting old and fighting various ailments, it was still so sad.  she was my baby and for five years before cole came along, she was the centre of my universe.  she was such a special little bun.  she lived indoors with us and had the run of the house.  before cole, she used to sleep on the bed and come and nudge my face in the mornings, then she'd wander downstairs after us and come and jump on the sofa or on our legs.  whenever we ate anything she'd climb up our chests and have a good sniff before deciding whether to do the snatch and run.

the summer i found out i was pregnant i found a few abscesses under her chin.  i spent a lot of time crying into her back convinced she was going to leave me.  i also slept on the futon on the floor in the spare room so she could sleep next to my head.  she liked that i think.  but she ended up hanging around for nearly two more years.  unfortunately, when cole came along she didn't get as much attention from me as she was used to but she would still come down and sit with us.  until cole started crawling and would chase her and "pat" her.  she didn't like that so much and retreated to her room where she would stay most of the time.  whenever she heard one of us coming up the stairs she would run over and greet us.  and whenever i worked in our room, she would snuggle under my feet and generally nosey around and keep me company.  those are the times i miss her the most.

she used to come and nuzzle my nose when i was napping.
time may have got away from me, but i probably also let things slip a little.  cole has started nursery one day a week and that is hopefully going to give me a day to dedicate towards the business and blog and, dare i say it, even squeeze in some crafting.  let's not get ahead of ourselves though.

first things first though, we are off to hong kong soon.  first time on a plane for little cole bear.  i'm dreading it and picturing major tears and tantrums, on a backdrop of intense heat and humidity.  but who knows, maybe it will actually be fine and dandy.  i will report back.

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