happy father's day

Sunday, 21 June 2015

a message from cole to his daddy:

thank you for being such a great daddy.  for being so fun and so funny.  for making me laugh and for looking after me.  thank you for going to work everyday and working hard, even though i know you don't really like it and you want to be at home with us or out and playing on slides and in ball pools too.  thanks for always watching cartoons with me even though i know you don't like charlie or the numbers.  but we like grampy rabbit because he talks loud like chinese people and everyone in hong kong and it makes us laugh.

thank you for being nice to me while we were in hong kong and mummy was being a mardybum.  even though i know we were all hot and you were probably grumpy on the inside too.  you were still nice and didn't let the grumpiness out like mummy did.

i love you lots.  even though i like to claw at your face and poke your eyes.  i do it out of love.

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