Thursday, 11 June 2015

i have a habit of picking a point in the future and saying "from then on i am going to be better". things usually get slightly better for a short time, but then i lose momentum and motivation and things go back to their usual neglected state.

anyway, the return from a holiday is usually a good time for this and having just returned from our trip to hong kong, it is the perfect time for me to make another feeble attempt at being "better".

the thing is i get so inspired by all these amazing blogs and talented people who seem to achieve so much despite having lives that are much more hectic and full than mine.  i usually like to tell myself that cole is the reason i don't get as much done, which is true, but also probably just a convenient excuse to not do more.  there are plenty of people out there achieving far more than me with lives that are much  more hectic. 

so, the latest pledge revolves around blogging more and also pushing the crafterie forward. i have so many ideas that i want to do with both these things, i just need to find the energy and time.  it's hard teaching myself not to procrastinate and be lazy when i've become such a pro at them.

csebr14 on 8 tracks.


ninjandning on etsy.

ohhappyday on instagram.

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