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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

one of the things that has made mummyhood so much easier and better has been my lovely sleepy nico baby carrier.  pre-baby i never gave much thought to whether i would use a sling or not.  actually, post-baby i didn't neither.  it was a world that i knew little about.  i had my pram, which i thought, though cumbersome, was essential, and i also had a "high street" sling that a friend had lent me.  it was meant to make things easier but i did end up having to ask strangers to help me get my baby out.  not ideal.

then i was introduced to sleepy nico through sheffield sling surgery, a fantastic group that helps parents learn and access slings and help and advice on how to carry their babies.  sleepy nico are an independent uk based firm that makes really lovely buckle carriers that are easy to use, lovely to look at and comfortable to wear.  the trifecta.

my sleepy nico has allowed me and cole-bear to have so many wonderful adventures and i love how close we are when i carry him.  we talk (well, i talk and he babbles) and sing together and he looks up at me and smiles when i look down and say "hullo!" to him.  such precious moments and i can't imagine missing out on them.  he is quite happy to look around and point things out to me, then when he's ready for a nap, he just nestles his head against my chest and off he drifts.  

nick also loves to carry cole in the sling and we rarely use the pram.  in fact, when we do, it's usually to carry the shopping while cole's in the sling anyway!  he agrees that it's so much easier because you don't have to worry about finding lifts and ramps or negotiating your way through narrow doorways or steps. those things aren't even a factor with a sling. 

it is also really useful inside the house and even if you choose to use wheels when out and about, the sling is great for when you have a cranky baby that will not let you put him down.  when cole is having one of those days, i tend to put him in the sling and carry on about my business.  some days it's the only way i have managed to get things done at all.

my sling is, for me, without a doubt one of the most valuable and useful things in the ocean of things you can buy for this mummyhood journey.

sleepy nico is a growing uk business run by the lovely angeline.  it is a small set up, and because of this, it ensures that standards of quality and safety are constantly upheld.  until very recently, its headquarters were a kitchen table, but they have just made a big step by moving into their very own premises.  

angeline is always happy to help with queries too.  take a look at the sleepy nico website here and get in touch if you want to know more.  they also do custom slings if you have a certain fabric that you want to use for yours.

the new sleepy nico hq.
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