striking a balance.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

those who know me will know that i struggle hard to find a balance between getting the businesses seen to, the house cared for and the family fed and watered.  and those who have been inside said house will know that that one is probably pretty far down the priorities list.  

at the moment, cole still requires so much attention that i don't really achieve anything of substance during the daytime, apart from making memories.  and that's fine.  it means that i am left with but a handful of precious hours in a week that i divide between family/couple time, housework, business, and me time (whatever that is).  and something that i really struggle with is feeling guilty at whichever one i choose.

i have been pumping a lot of energy and time into my crafterie business lately.  the aim being to launch the website in the coming week or two.  but as i sit upstairs i feel guilty that i'm not downstairs spending time with either nick or as a family of three, or that i'm not tackling the huge pile of ironing or that i'm not just vegging out and watching a film and letting myself rest.  it often feels like i am doing a half-arsed job at everything and nothing really gets finished.

does anyone else feel this way?  any tips on how to help myself, either with achieving more or feeling less guilt?

did you ever used to watch desperate housewives?  quite early on there was an episode where lynette took her son's add medicine and it gave her boundless energy and there was a scene of her crouched on the kitchen counter top cleaning the corners of the cabinet doors with a cotton bud.  when i have these "spread thinly" moments, i often recall that image and think that they really ought to make something like that available to people like me.

it doesn't help that i keep looking at these beautiful blogs and instagrams of people who have successful creative businesses and houses that are not only orderly, but beautifully decorated, oh and of course their meals look like something out of gourmet recipe book.  how do people do it?!  i guess it's all too easy to edit life to look perfect on the internet.  maybe some of these people rarely see their kids, or maybe they have huge bank balances that allow them to hire help, maybe they don't sleep.  well, i don't have money for help and i wouldn't give up my sleep or my time with my baby for anything so i guess it's just going to have to carry on the way it is.

anyway, enough rambling.  here are some pics of recent happenings around these parts.  going through pictures of life lately always makes me realise how lucky i am.

picnics in the park.
rummaging through salvage yards.
weddings in the countryside.
training up a spiderman.
days out to the deep.

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