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Saturday, 15 August 2015

in spite of my awol-ness in july, i have been beavering away behind the scenes and even have proof this time!  in the form of the crafterie's new website.  it has taken many many hours or frustrating, and mostly futile, attempts at fiddling with html and css.  but despite my lack of knowledge, it turned out too not bad.

now that it is up and running, i am so happy and so proud to be able to direct people to my own space.  and to spread the happiness, i am giving away a free cute little craft pack with the first 20 orders, and also 15% off all orders until the end of september.  that's plenty of time to get stocked up on crafty goodies.  i am constantly adding things, so although it may look a little sparse at the moment, fret not, as i promise i am working hard whenever i can to get more stuff on there asap.

just enter code "spiffy" at checkout for your 15% discount.

so, take a looksee here: and let me know if you see anything amiss.  or if you just like it and want to tell me so.  those comments also well received!

here are some of the craft packs i put together.

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