maize maze.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

autumn certainly seems to be settling right in of late, but today we had a rare day of sunshine on a weekend so our little family decided to take advantage, what with not knowing when the heck the next one was going to be.  so we toddled down to the maize maze in cawthorne.  

it's been running for 15 years now.  every year they create a new maze and it's a fantastic day out the family.  it's right next to cannon hall garden centre.  little one had a great time climbing hay bales and playing on the different games and things put on for the kiddies.  then we ventured into the maze armed with a neon green flag, just in case, you know, and a map and my poor navigation skills.  we managed to emerge out of the other end some time may have been days, who knows?  but at least we had plenty of maize to eat should things have got desperate. 

finished with a walk around the park and a yummy lunch at the thyme bistro. 


think nick enjoyed this one a bit more than cole did...

plane spotting.

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