random acts of kindess.

Monday, 12 October 2015

last month was hard.  after having my eyes really opened to the refugee situation, i foolishly spent a week or so looking up individual stories and spent the entire month fighting back tears (and usually failing).  then i would read the comments of people who were so filled with hatred and anger for these people, completely devoid of sympathy or feeling.  and that was both very frightening and so, so sad.  it made me wonder what had i done, bringing a child into this cruel world?  was this what he was going to grow up knowing?  it was incredibly draining and so very heavy.  i was exhausted.  it became clear that i simply had to step away from it, though i did so reluctantly.

on one particular day i watched a video made by a journalist for the guardian where he followed a family of syrian refugees as they began their walk from budapest keleti station to the austrian border.  he slept next to them at the side of the motorway and the refugees shared with him their blankets and food, what meagre things they had, they offered.  i was amazed to see the smiles and the optimism, and that in spite of their circumstances, that the were still so kind.  and to see normal, everyday people helping them.  really going out of their way to do something to make their journey that little bit easier.  it gave me hope to see that these refugees could see that there was still good in the world.  that the world was watching and that we were on their side and that so many of us were doing what we could.  that we hadn't forgotten them.  that gave me some hope and lightened my heart some.

it made me think that we all need more kindness.  both to receive and give it i think.  i think a lifetime of selfishness and apathy chips away until one day you realise there's just nothing left.  certainly for me and my sanity, i need reminding regularly that there is still some good in this world.  and so, i am going to start a regular random acts of kindness post on here highlighting small things that people do, not for reward or recognition, but because they simply saw someone in need and chose not to ignore it, or because they wanted to brighten someone's day.

if you have a story to tell yourself or know of a kind someone, please feel free to get in touch at yvonneandco@gmail.com and i'll get their story out there to my teeny tiny following, but also just because it will make me happy and probably cry a lot too.

first random act of kindness to come very soon.


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