Monday, 26 October 2015

cole's first autumn as a little curious explorer type and nick was so excited about taking him to ecclesall woods to go chestnut gathering.  his uncle used to take him when he was a wee lad and he had plans to go and gather lots of chestnuts then go to his uncle's house to roast and eat them.  continuing the family tradition. unfortunately, we were two weeks early and there were not any chestnuts to be had.  

i, on the other hand, had gone with the aim of collecting acorn hats to make some felt acorns and i was very successful.  little cole bear did very well too.  he cottoned on to what i was looking for and was a very good little assistant gatherer, picking them up and then wandering back over to me, arm outstretched, saying "mama! mama!" and dropping his finds into my bag.  

it was nice to just be out in the fresh autumn sun.  the woods are in a leafy suburb of sheffield and so we were not completely removed from civilisation, but we hardly saw anyone except the odd dog walker and it was nice to be completely surrounded by just nature and the sound of branches and leaves crunching underfoot.  little bear had a grand time exploring and picking up sticks and leaves and many other treasures he came across.  

we wandered into the discovery centre, which has a cafĂ© open on fridays and weekends.  alas our visit was on a monday so we missed out on coffee and cake.  doh.  i think nick is planning on going back to attempt number two of chestnut hunting so maybe i'll get some cake then. 

the juxtaposition of these two signs made me chuckle.

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