happy halloween.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

the clan got all gussied up as the mario clan (nick tells me their surname is also mario.  yes, apparently he is mario mario) this weekend to go to the yearly neighbourhood halloween shindig.  one of our neighbours completely goes to town and invites the street for some festive fancy dress fun with locally brewed ale, pie and peas and this year, ribs on the barbie. 

cole wasn't overly keen on his costume so we had to bribe him with an ice lolly to get him in it.  once he was in he didn't seem to mind it, but i think it was a bit cumbersome and made chasing the bigger boys and girls around a bit hard so it was off before long.  i figured as much.  we only had a small window of opportunity to take some photos of him in it, so that coupled with darkness meant that the photos are not so good i'm afraid, but you get the idea.

i can imagine that halloween, along with all the other major holidays in the year, will become something of an event now that we have a little one around.  this was the first year that we've made any effort, but it was still relatively minimal and very last minute.  i was still sewing my hat 20 minutes before the party started and cole's cube hadn't dried fully so it's a bit smudged here and there.  i think in future it will take more thought and more preparation.  i'm looking forward to him being able to request costumes and putting me and my crafty abilities to the test.

anyway, i hope you had a fun all hallows eve?

could not believe the attention to detail with these little broomstick snacks and hand carved! carrot fingers.
mummy celery sticks.

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