the real junk food project.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

i recently came across this amazing project, much to my annoyance because it meant that i had just missed one of their events.   the real junk food project takes surplus food, cooks up huge feasts and then charges people only what they feel it was worth.  amazing, right?

i am a real hater of waste, mealtimes i am often found "pushing through the pain barrier" to clear my plate.  part of this i blame on the common generational upbringing of being made to finish our food before leaving the table.  i remember recently being at my mum's and halfway through my meal saying i was full.  to my shock, my mum just said "leave it then".  it was just so strange to be sat at the same table as i did as a child but be told that it was actually ok to not finish my dinner.  weird.

anyway, i digress.  so this real junk food project is part of a larger national umbrella group, i guess, that is doing the same thing.  it's a social enterprise which is run completely by volunteers, with money raised going to fund venue and equipment hire for their events.  they are always looking for people to help out either with time, donations or equipment so if you're interested in getting involved, take a look at their website. 

you can find out more here.

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