hello 2016.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

hmm.  it has been a while.  i did have these grand plans to take many pictures of my blog perfect christmas and new year, but truth be told, i didn't have the energy to really give much to christmas this year.  

the plan was the same as last year: everyone was to descend on ours.  only i just couldn't muster the same enthusiasm as i had the year before.  the house wasn't as nicely decorated as i perhaps would've liked and it certainly wasn't as tidy as it could've been.  but it was still a lovely day and it was so nice to see cole getting more into it.  he was still a bit confused by the present unwrapping so we had to start him off at first until he could see there was something under the paper, then he would get straight on it.

and here we are at the other side.  and once again, as i put the trimmings away in the attic for another year, i vowed that next year i would do better.  but i suppose when i scrutinise this, better isn't for myself or for my family, they had a fantastic christmas and they really didn't mind that the house was a tip and the decor were a bit half-arsed.  better is for the outside world; so i can proudly share my festive home on instagram and facebook and here.  so actually, i may or may not do "better", but either way, it will be a magical time and one thing i do promise is that we will make some really wonderful memories for cole to carry with him and look back on.  and that doesn't necessarily have to look like a magazine cover, sometimes it looks more like this:

unfortunately, it looked like this often.

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  1. Sod that picture perfect stuff, this is real life - so much better! Happy new year darling xxx