Monday, 22 February 2016

ah, is it that time again to come on here on apologise for my lack of blogging?  the past month seems to have been full of everything and nothing all at the same time.  the majority of the time was spent racking my brain for ideas on how to entertain a child when it's raining outdoors, we've also all been struck down with colds and had our first overnight stay (and visit at all actually) at the children's hospital, we saw nick have his birthday and i have been busy busy working on some workshops for the crafterie.  

the workshops have taken up any of my free time that i have left after looking after the family.  and it has also physically taken up most of my house.  the spare room/office has reached a new low in messiness and every time i venture in there to do some work, i am acutely aware of how much of a possibility it is that i will get severely injured by falling stacks of parcel tags and that it would take a team of sniffer dogs a good week to find me.  but these workshops have stirred up all my creativity and inspiration and energy and enthusiasm and they have really, really emphasised just how much i love what i do and how lucky i am to do it.  one thing i miss from having my bricks and mortar shop is the opportunity to work with other small and creative businesses.  as part of these workshops, i have reached out to local businesses and creatives and have really enjoyed being able to communicate and work with these incredibly talented folk.  it has really been a privilege.  

the first tester workshop is this weekend and there is another next weekend.  the aim of these is to test the waters a bit, get some feedback, see what does and doesn't work, what is feasible, costs of running the workshops and also to get some lovely images to use in the future.  so, i will hopefully be back soon with lots of photos to show you and talk of a much less hazardous work environment.  

anyway, lots of words.  here are some pics of life lately:

having so much fun preparing for these workshops.

and entertaining this guy.


days out with friends.

and lots and lots of cuddles.